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Velour Glue & Go Pen 11g


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Si vous le souhaitez, nous pourrons vous avertir lorsque nous en aurons à nouveau.

Multi-Day Wear: Wearable for several days when used with the Velour Multi-Day Lash Bond. Create a lash extension look in less than 10 minutes.

Conseils d'utilisation

Step 1: Apply Multi-Day Lash Bond (A) across the top of Velour-Xtensions™ Lash Cluster and (B) to underside of natural lashes, ensuring not to touch the skin. Wait until tacky (10-15 seconds). Pro Tip: Focus bond application on the base of your natural lashes, close to the waterline on the underside of your upper lashes.

Step 2: Once the bond has become tacky, use the Too Real Lash Extension Tool to place the Velour-Xtensions™ Lash Cluster on the tacky underside of your natural lashes, just above the waterline. Pro Tip: Lift the eyelid up with your fingertips to help the lash band reach the base of your lashes. Use the angled tip of the Too Real Lash Extension Tool to gently press Velour-Xtension™ Lash Clusters into the root of your natural lashes.?

Step 3: Using the Too Real Lash Extension Tool, follow the curvature of your lash line to clamp down and fuse the Velour-Xtensions™ Lash Clusters and natural lashes together to secure. Pro Tip: Wipe the Too Real Lash Extension Tool in-between cluster applications to prevent lashes from sticking to the tool.

Repeat steps 1 - 3 for remaining clusters.

Next, use the medium lash cluster (Medium, 12mm) from the middle row. Repeat steps 1-3. Finally, use the short lash cluster (Short, 10mm) from the top row. Repeat steps 1-3.

Keep lashes dry for 24 hours. Warning: Discontinue use if irritation or allergic reaction occurs. Keep out of reach of children. Do not freeze.



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