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Glamoriser Touch Styler - UK Plug


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Si vous le souhaitez, nous pourrons vous avertir lorsque nous en aurons à nouveau.

The Glamoriser Touch Styler is the next generation of our awarded Glamoriser Salon Results Straightener and creates instantly sleek, elegant straight styles as well as beautiful curls and waves.

The innovative touch control panel features colour and sound indicators to perfectly control your individual styling temperature ranging from 90°C to 230°C, or to select from its pre-programmed heat settings for fine, medium or coarse hair types. The snag-free ceramic floating plates glide effortlessly through your hair to prevent hair breakage.

The plates are infused with Black Diamond Oil to combat frizz and fly-aways creating intense shine and luminescence. Instant heat recovery ensures perfect results with just a single stroke and reduces the time your hair is exposed to the heat to avoid stripping it of its natural moisture. The product is comes with a glamorous heat resistant pouch for easy storage and transport. It's time to shine bright.

Fitted with a 3-Pin UK plug.

Conseils d'utilisation

To switch on the straightener use the power button located on the inner black casing, an on/off tone will sound. The straightener will immediately begin to heat up.
Note: Straightener will automatically lock whilst heating up. To unlock simply press the power button once. Select the desired temperature by tapping the ‘M’ (Mode) or ‘+ and –‘ indicators on the LCD panel:
• ‘M’ - for temperature selection based on hair type: 180°C for Fine hair; 200°C for Medium hair; 230°C for Coarse hair
• ‘+ and –‘ plus and minus indicators – for variable temperature selection 90°C - 230°C

When the straightener reaches the desired temperature 2 beeps will sound. Note: The temperature will lock automatically when the desired temperature is chosen, a beep will sound and a lock will appear on the LCD panel. This is to prevent against accidental temperature changing/selection when the straightener is in use. To manually unlock/lock the temperature press the power button once, a beep will sound. The ‘M’ and ‘+ and –‘ indicators can now be used to adjust the temperature. To switch off the straightener press and hold the power button. The on/off tone will sound.

Before use, make sure hair is clean, dry and detangled. Start with a low temperature and increase until you find the right temperature for your hair type.

Straight styles
Segment hair in 2cm/1inch sections and run the straightener through the entire length of the hair, without stopping, starting with the under layers of hair. Use a comb whilst straightening for even straighter results. Repeat only twice per section to prevent hair damage.

Curly styles
Segment hair in 2cm/1inch sections and clamp a section of hair in between the plates of the styler, pointing it downwards. With your free hand, hold onto the ends of the hair. Rotate the styler 180º towards you and glide down the length of the hair until you reach the ends. Release the hair from between the plates and finish the style with your fingers."


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